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Cherry Class - Year 1

Welcome to our class page!

Click on the newsletter to find out what we will be getting up to this half term.


Talk 4 Writing this half term:

This term, we will be looking at the The Storm Whale. Click on the image to read the model text that we will be learning to retell by heart:

The storm whale Beech Summer 2.JPG


We use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised in Reception and KS1 to teach Phonics and Early Reading.

We timetable a daily phonics session, typically teaching four new sounds a week. We also learn 'tricky' words for example; ' the'  'said' 'what' -  these are words that cannot be sounded out and are best learnt through recognition and sight reading. Each week builds on what the children have already learnt, constantly revisiting and giving the children the opportunity to consolidate their previous knowledge as well as learning new words and sounds. 


We teach children to read through reading practice sessions three times a week. This is either with the class teacher or a TA who are fully trained in Little Wandle Letters and Sounds. The book will be fully decodable for the children, therefore it is achievable and manageable for them to succeed and practice their new skills. 

This term we will be learning some Phase 5 phonics. Click on the Grow the Code picture below to see  what we will be learning.   

Grow the Code.JPG

Click here to find out how we teach Phonics and Reading in EY and Year One.

For help with pronouncing each phoneme (sound), use this helpful video:

Click on the knowledge organisers to see what we are learning in
Science and Geography this term.

We use BoomReader to log our reading each day. Parents sign in and log every time their child reads at home. The children have a target to read 5 times every week - will you reach the target?

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