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Here are some links to health information for parents and carers:

Healthy Surrey

 information on local and national services incl. domestic abuse, alcohol, drug and smoking services, weight management, sexual health services and mental health services. (adults & young people)

Children and Family Health Surrey

Information about referrals and  advice about  Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy

Be your Best  is a free service for families with children aged 0-11 who are struggling with their weight.

Occupational Therapy Service Information and details of their helpline

Advice sheets  about how to help  your child develop communication, everyday living skills, feeding,  eating and drinking, motor skills

Here are some videos about understanding your child's sensory Processing needs:

1. Introduction    2. Sensory Beings   3. Sensory Thresholds   4. Senses   5. Sensory Strategies

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