Purpose of Study

From inspirational recounts of individual endeavours to tales of destruction, war and romance, history has it all.  Children at St Mark and All Saints have the opportunity to learn about the actions of people, civilisations and societies of the past to discover the motivations behind decisions that still influence us today. By building up their knowledge and developing skills of analysis, children are taught to look at the reliability of evidence and sources so that they are equipped to determine a better future for themselves.  Through our enquiry-led approach using the Principles of Harmony, children are encouraged to ask questions, learn from the mistakes of the past and shape the future through an understanding of the customs and beliefs of the community we belong to. Linking historical content of learning to the social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of the past, history can help children to make sense of the world in which they live and help them, as historians, to develop a sense of identity.


Living in Godalming, an area with an intriguing history and an amazing heritage, we are able to research the past during Local History Week which helps us to discover more about our community. Moving beyond our own locality, children visit a wonderful variety of historical sites. thus enabling children to develop a real passion for history. Finally, a whole school Kings and Queens week offers an insight into the past of our monarchy and treats all to a banquet fit for royalty.

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