Through RE we seek to give the children a rich variety of experiences from which they can develop knowledge, understanding and awareness of all faiths. They should be given opportunities to explore, wonder, respond, make links with their personal experiences, and build upon previous learning.  With an awareness of the other principal religions of Judaism and Islam the children should be encouraged to have respect for those holding different beliefs.  Religious Education also seeks to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.




RE is taught over one day once every half term and aims:

  • To develop knowledge, skills and understanding of RE through a curriculum with high expectations of attainment.

  • To provide the children with love and security.

  • To give them the opportunity for independence while developing a sense of self-esteem or selfworth.

  • To help them build up good personal relationships within a community in which they feel secure.


To enable the children to develop an awareness of themselves by:

  • Expressing their own ideas, thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways

  • Using their natural sense of curiosity and enquiry

  • Appreciating their own gifts and needs

  • Acknowledging  and coming to terms with their own fears, anxieties and frustrations


To enable the children to develop sensitivity to others by:

  • Becoming aware of the feelings and needs of others

  • Understand the natures of relationships through sharing, forgiving, sympathizing, caring and helping.

  • Learning to co-operate and share their particular gifts.

  • Trying to understand their point of view


To develop an awareness of, an interest in and wonder of the world around them by:

  • Appreciating colour, variety, interdependence and beauty.

  • Recognizing responsibility for animals, plants and natural resources.

  • Recognising the global dimension of life.


To help children to develop an understanding of the word “God” and clarify and enlarge their ideas about religion by:

  • Exploring Christian worship and participating regularly in services in the local parish church of St.John's.

  • Enjoying analysing and reflecting on carefully selected stories from a range of faiths.

  • Using a variety of artefacts and stimuli including visiting speakers.

  • Strengthening links with the local community and the church by making visits.

  • An awareness of other religions, particularly similarities.