Considerable importance is attached to the children achieving and understanding mathematical processes, concepts and skills. A positive attitude is encouraged by presenting it in an interesting and enjoyable way, allowing the children to actively participate in the learning process, thus creating a sense of achievement and confidence. There is a strong emphasis on the development of mental arithmetic and giving opportunities for pupils to use and apply mathematics in real life situations. Daily opportunities to 'keep up not catch up' ensure all children are able to learn with and progress in their own year group curriculum whilst use of problem solving and reasoning activities for all challenges even the most gifted mathematicians to stretch themselves!


We use the Maths No Problem scheme as a school which is based on the Singapore principle of small steps and embedded learning and encourages children to develop a broad knowledge base from which they gain deeper understanding of all key principles.Class teachers also plan for opportunities to develop and apply key mathematical skills in other subjects throughout the year.

Parent video workshops


- Mental and Written Maths for Key Stage 1 & 2

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