Knowledge is grown from experience and is at the forefront of our thinking in Science. We aim to develop children’s awe and wonder of our natural world and lead them towards self-discovery within science.

Science is not just about learning facts, but more about what we do with that knowledge … Through our engagement in science, it is our ultimate aim to gain perspective in the importance of protecting the very fine balance of nature. In turn, teaching us to respect the order of our natural world.

At St Mark and All Saints, in Science, we find and discover and this enlightens our philosophy, religion and spirituality. We accept that science tells us how things work but it is not equipped to always tell us why. And that is wonderful!

In line with our Harmony Curriculum, we want to develop children’s understanding of the responsibility we all have to keep our natural and scientific world working in Harmony with each other, without upsetting the balance. Teaching children the value of science, in such a way, prepares them for their future on our planet.

We follow the Kent Scheme of Work in Science to ensure we deliver a rich, meaningful, consistent, balanced and age appropriate curriculum. We develop much learning through practical experiences, which are then reinforced using secondary resources, ensuring our children are not just Secondary ready, but world ready!

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