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Here are some useful ways for memorising facts and spellings

This is a good way to  learn facts for science, history and geography

                                  Ways to Learn Spellings 

  • Look at the word. Cover the word. Write the word.  Check you have spelled it correctly.

  • Trace Copy and Write from memory (and then check)

  • Quickwrite – write the word as quickly as you can lots of times

  • Drawing round the word to show the shape


  • Drawing an image around a word 

                                    M o n a r c h y



  • Pyramid writing



  • Rainbow writing

Using coloured pencils in different ways can help to make parts of words memorable.

highlight the tricky part of the word or write the tricky part in a different colour.

write each letter in a different colour, or  write the word in red, then overlay in orange, yellow and so on.



  • Making up memorable ‘silly sentences’ containing the word

big elephants can always understand small elephants


  • Saying the word in a funny way

e.g. pronouncing the ‘silent’ letters in a word

                                        list en


  • Clapping and counting to identify the syllables in a word

  • Breaking the word into chunks


And finally………    Practise,


                                                                         practise !

Taken from No Nonsense Spelling by Babcock Education published by Raintree





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